Goods / Freight Elevator

A freight elevator is used to elevate, or lift, freight, or goods. Freight Elevator is built to carry goods rather than people, though some do both to allow operators and those loading goods along for the ride. A freight elevator often has a manual door, and sometimes multiple doors, to load from the front and rear or sides. The inside may be unfinished, so that it can take a beating from goods being pushed in and out daily.

Micro Elevator offers a complete range of goods or freight elevators for different applications with capacity ranging from 500 Kgs to 9000 Kgs. This capacity is depending upon the requirement. Micro elevator has immense experience in designing and installing freight /Goods elevators by understanding material to be transported; for optimum utilization. There are also a variety of door types available such as collapsible gates, Automatic doors, Double swing doors, etc. Option for car elevators is also available to be used in multi storey packing.

Goods Lift is used to transfer material from one floor to another. Goods Lifts have huge loading capacity coupled with high speed and smooth running operation. Goods Lift is known as cage hoists and have been specially designed for safe lifting material. This is a steel cage which is with or without collapsible shutters.